Race Retro 2010

Race Retro 2010, originally uploaded by Dario.C. Numeri Magici… Magical Nubers…

The Creation of a Clay Model

For anyone who might be interested, I thought I would document the creation of my major project on my blog. The aim is to create a model in 1/4 scale, using faber clay, the same type used in the automotive industry. After months of design, research, reports I had come up with my final design, [...]

Race Retro 2010 Roundup

What an event! Ended up taking almost 900 pictures last Sunday. Much better than last year’s show, and the number of Alfa Romeo’s in the stands was simply fantastic. Race Retro 2010 Photo Set DarioC

Congratulazioni Flavio Manzoni

(Image Courtesy of MotiveMag.com & Motoradictos.com) Flavio Manzoni has been chosen to be the next Ferrari Design Chief. I first noticed his works when he penned several concept vehicles at Lancia, of which the above Fulvia concept that sadly never made it to production, a huge mistake from Fiat & Lancia. After Lancia he moved [...]

Forchette Parlanti

(Image Courtesy of spaziouno.org & Bruno Munari) La genialita’ di Bruno Munari, che riusci a trasmettere dei gesti umani tramite delle forchette.

Note to self:

I wouldn’t mind taking a ride in the Super 80′s Simulator @ FCO (Image Courtesy of Airliners.net & Umberto Noto)


(Image Courtesy Airliners.net & Frank C. Duarte Jr.) Proprio come in questa foto, ma 24 anni dopo, oggi sono atterrato a Heathrow con il mitico Super80. L’Inghilterra e proprio un paese condannato dal Gulf Stream, mentre i Floridiani si godono il clima e bel sole, gli inglesi vivono sotto le nuvole…. mah

A small update…

My reworked Audi TT with the new Compomotive TH2 rims and new 6 pot brakes.. more to come!

Happy New Year!

(Image Courtesy of http://www.emporioitaliano.com) …e tanto pandoro per tutti!!!

1 day and a half

Decided to model a wheel in alias, the wheel of choice was the Compomotive TH2. Tried to make it as realistic as possible hopefully I have managed. Can’t believe how long it took me to do this considering its ‘simple’ shape. Damn you alias! This is pretty much the base for my future Alias project, [...]